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Vision Core

The Vision Core meets regularly to conduct visioning sessions, creating a field of consciousness which is sensitive to the guidance of Spirit. The results of these visioning sessions are communicated to the CORE Council, and become the basis for the unified direction and evolving pathway of the Center.


David Galik

David is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a private practice working with individuals and couples. He has worked as a therapist in multiple urban settings ranging from an adolescent prison detention center to an inner city outpatient clinic and a halfway house.  He has an undergraduate degree in urban studies and went to a law school specializing in civil rights.  He has also worked in theater studying acting and play writing.

David’s Vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: David sees The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living as a light beacon in a dark sea.  Conveying a new concept of how one sees and looks at spiritual growth.  It is cutting edge in that way as all new life-changing philosophies that make real change.  Importantly, he sees it as inclusive of “outsiders” and those rejected by conventional religions.  And a center for those following a path of inner growth that see that while we may experience God as outside us, one’s growing awareness of God’s love or Universal Intelligence is in fact within us.  And that we can be aligned with that intelligence and experience God as a co-creator.  Finally, this path doesn’t always have to be serious.  It can be fun and light-hearted.

Carolyn (Care) Gerdeman

I consciously began my spiritual journey about 30 years ago.  We had 2 children and were feeling the need for some spiritual support.  We visited numerous churches and found a home at Unity of Dayton. This is the first time I heard spirituality spoken of in a way that resonated with me. That first time it was so thrilling and shocking to hear someone say out loud what I had always believed but never heard anyone say before.

I have had many career paths; Owner of Consignment Store, Assistant to Minister, Massage Therapist, Realtor, Property Manager and more things yet to come.  The things that mean the most to me are my family and friends.  I most strongly feel my connection with source when connecting with people, when out in nature and when singing.

Care’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: CCSL is laying down a wide and strong root system to support the growth that is currently happening and yet to come. I see us growing to two services and then to our own space that we will use seven days a week. The positive loving energy that is felt on Sunday by everyone who walks in the door is present in our new perfect location 24/7.  Positive loving energy flows from our facility (wherever it is) out to the world raising the vibration of this world.

Robert Kemper

Robert A Kemper, born June 24, 1953.  He has lived in Franklin County Ohio most of his life, except for fifteen years in Fairfield County.  He has been married twice for a total of thirty seven years, with numerous children and grandchildren.  He started his essential spiritual journey in the winter of 2015 at The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living and enthusiastically continues to the present.

Robert’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: My/God’s Vision for our Columbus Center for Spiritual Living arises in my knowing we do allow God’s Creative spirit to express in our community.  This vision is the soil, water, and sunshine for the seeds of Faith that allow people to realize and believe this world must work for everyone.  We are changing the world for the good.

 Candy Lucas

I am a graduate of University of Dayton with a BS degree.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997, I have for the past 13 years Candy Lucas2been teaching in a massage school.  As a charter member, I have been attending the Center since the beginning.  Throughout the years, I have enjoyed being a leader or serving on different teams including Compassionate Care, Events, Hospitality and volunteering in the Center’s office.

Candy’s Vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: I envision for the Center a growing membership filled with friendship, sharing, love and joy, and a new building for our spiritual community that we consider our home.  I want to be a part of the loving process we call visioning, listening to Spirit, and receiving guidance for fulfilling our highest outcome.

Carla Powell

Carla has attended been attending CCSL for 9 years.  She is a retired nurse, Massage Therapist, various other energy work
methods.  Specializing in Lymphedema Therapy.  She has one son who is 41.  Carla loves reading, gardening, laughing and entertaining.

Carla’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: To serve on the Vision CORE is one of the greatest honors The Vision CORE downloads from God the future of CCSL.  How powerful is that?

Peggy Wallace

Peggy’s spiritual journey began many years ago while living on Long Island.  She was first introduced to Science of Mind after moving Peggy-Wallaceto Los Angeles where she attended both the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living and Agape International.  After relocating to Columbus, Ohio she participated in the founding of the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living and became a charter member.  Since then she has been joyfully involved with Sacred Services including Greeter, Usher, Service Coordinator, and CORE Council Secretary.   The CCSL courses, such as Visioning, Practical Mysticism, and The Essential Ernest Holmes have been a big part of her spiritual growth.   Peggy is very grateful for the many relationships she has developed at the Center that have supported and enhanced her life in Columbus. Peggy is a retired Registered Nurse with 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry.  Her newest adventure is volunteering as an airport Ambassador at Port Columbus where she assists many a weary traveler.

Peggy’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living:  “I envision the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living to be a vibrant, loving, welcoming and diverse community that provides a spiritually nurturing and healing environment. I see a Center that fosters teamwork and leadership and that operates with a high level of integrity and fiscal responsibility. As the Center continues to grow and mature as a community, it will assume a greater and greater role in the spiritual awakening of those who participate in the Center, of the larger community in which it resides, and of the entire global consciousness.  Being a member of the Visioning CORE would provide me with the opportunity to develop and expand this vision.

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