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Sunday Messages:


October 15 – Substance and Supply – Rev. Molly Cameron

October 7 – God’s Bounty Part 1 – Revs. Catherine Bliss and Ami Papadopulo

God’s Bounty Part 2 – Revs. Erin Marie Szymanski and Molly Cameron


September 30 – Building Great Families

September 23 – Church of the Earth: The Wisdom of Trees

September 9 – Good to Great Through Disciplined Thought – Rev. Molly

September 16 – Good to Great Through Disciplined Action – Rev. Molly



August 26 – Simple Acceptance – Rev. Molly


August 19 – Affirmations and Denials: Saying YES to What Could Be – Rev. Molly


July 29 – You Are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station – Rev. Molly Cameron

July 22 – Let Us Not Fool Ourselves – Rev. Molly Cameron

July 16 – The Consciousness That Heals – Rev. Molly Cameron

July 8 – One Healer – Rev. Molly

July 1 – Healing is a Revelation – Rev. Molly Cameron


June 24 – How to Create a Spiritual Chain Reaction – Church of the Earth Summer

June 18 – Your Spiritual Bank Account – Ami Papadopulo, RScP and Ministerial Graduate

June 10 – Your Invisible Forces – Rev. Catherine Bliss

June 3 – How Does God Know What I Am Doing? – Rev. Molly


May 27 – Principle and Precedence – Rev. Molly

May 13 – The Sequence of the Creative Order – Rev. Molly

May 6 – Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them – Rev. Molly


April 22 – How Old Are You?  Rev. Molly

April 15 – God Talks to the Heart – Rev. Molly

April 8 – The Individual and the Universal – Rev. Molly Cameron

April 1 – The Lord is My Shepherd – Easter Sunday


March 25 – Blessings of the Desert

Correction to this message: The body is 60-65% water

March 18 – Our Divine Inheritance – Rev. Dr. Michael Gott

March 11 – Your Impersonal Self

Your Impersonal Self

March 4 – Your Personal Self

Your Personal Self – March 4 2018


February 25 – Belief, Faith and Prayer

February 11 – What is Spirituality?

February 4 – What is Religion?

January, 2018

January 28 – Thinking Affirmatively

January 21 – Science, Superstition and Common Sense

January 14 – Martin Luther King Tribute

January 14 – The Science of Mind – Using It

January 7 – What Is Science of Mind?

December, 2017

December 24 – A Life of Truth

December 17 – The Courage to Shine!  Church of the Earth

December 10 – A Life of Character

December 4 – Wandering Off Your Path on the Journey Home

November, 2017

November 26 – Grateful Giver, Generous Receiver

November 19 – The Grateful Heart

November 12 – Reversing Financial Adversity

November 4 – Your Fortune Begins in Consciousness

October, 2017

October 29 – The Love that Lies Within

(See Audrey’s video by clicking here )

October 22 – The Perfect Relationship

October 15 – Fear of Intimacy

October 8 – Undefended Love

October 1 – We Belong to Each Other

September, 2017

September 24 – Church of the Earth: You Can Change the World

music: WE LET by Ricky Byars-Beckwith, sung by Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett

September 17 – Choosing Where to Give – Rev. Molly

September 10 – Divine Service: The Heart of the Awakened One – Lisa Ferraro

September 3 – Your Life Isn’t for You – Rev. Molly

August, 2017

August 6 – Compassion in Action – Rev. Molly

August 13 – Accepting our Human Experience and What Is the Truth – Rev. Catherine Long

August 20 – Falling Apart – Kristen Peairs, RScP

August 27 – Being Kind in a Cruel World – Rev. Molly

July, 2017

July 2 – The Multi-cultural America – Rev. Molly

July 9 – The Alchemy of Money – Rev. Molly

July 16 – We’re working on it! Check back, please

July 23 – Words are Windows (or They are Walls)

July 30 – The Art of Inclusion (Family Day)

June, 2017

June 11 – Creating a Culture of Accountability – Rev. Molly Cameron

June 18 – Father’s Day – Honoring the Divine Masculine

June 25 – Church of the Earth – Becoming a Mender for a World that Works

May, 2017

May 7 – Creative Confidence – Rev. Molly

May 14 – The Divine Feminine: The Wildish Heart

May 21 – SPARK: From Nothing to Insight

May 28 – LEAP: from Planning to Action

Sunday Talks October, 2016

Catch the Vision Getting Back to the Magic Rev Molly Cameron October 30, 2016

A New Vision for Success; Balance, Joy and a Sense of Sufficiency Rev Molly Cameron October 23, 2016

Catch The Vision: A Look Back at Where We Started        Rev Molly Cameron       October 2, 2016

Sunday Talks  September, 2016

A New Light is Coming Into The World Rev Molly Cameron          September 25, 2016        Church of the Earth Celebration    (Audio File)

A Global Community Embracing Peace, Love and Compassion       Catherine Long, RScP       September 18, 2016   (Audio File)

How Can I Help You?      Mary Dinneen, RScP        September 11, 2016    (Audio File)


Sunday Talks August, 2016

No Matter What       Dana Horton, RScP          August 28, 2016   (Audio File)


Kindness and Forgiveness on the Path of Light       Rev Molly Cameron       August 7, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks July, 2016

The Eternal Goodness of Life      Rev Molly Cameron      July 31, 2016   (Audio File)

All Paths Lead to God        Rev Molly Cameron         July 24, 2016 (Audio File)

Peace, Belonging and Justice       Rev Molly Cameron         July 17, 2016  (Audio File)

Forgive to Live: Live to Forgive     Rev Michelle Wadleigh – Guest Speaker on July 10, 2016  (Audio File)

The Life of Pie: Freeing Ourselves from Limitations     Rev Sharon Ramey – Guest Speaker  on     July 3, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks June, 2016

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The Ultimate Goal: Emancipation from Discord        Rev Molly Cameron       June 26, 2016 (Audio File)

A World Where People Have Enough     Rev Molly Cameron        June 19, 2016 (Audio File)

Surrounded by Creative Mind        Rev Molly Cameron        June 12, 2016    (Audio File)

Personal Responsibility and Social Conscience     Rev Molly Cameron      June 5, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks May, 2016

Big Wheels Keep on Turning: The Art of Conscious Knowing       Guest Speaker: Lisa Ferraro      May 22, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks April, 2016

Awaken the Power Within        Rev Lee Wolak        April 24, 2016   (Audio File)

The Body of God        Rev Molly Cameron        April 17, 2016   (Audio File)

One Global Family: The Interconnectedness of All Life   Rev Molly Cameron    April 10, 2016  (Audio File)

Healing Through the Power of the One Mind      Rev Molly Cameron       April 3, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks March, 2016

Using the Power of Thought to Change our World       Rev Molly Cameron       March 20, 2016 (Church of the Earth)   (Audio File)

Rediscovering the Creative Power of Thought          Rev Molly Cameron        March 13, 2016  (Audio File)

Up Close and Personal with the Presence      Rev Molly Cameron        March 6, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks February, 2016

Awakening to Our Spiritual Magnificence      Rev Molly Cameron      February 28, 2016  (Audio File)

Metaphysical Drivers Ed       Jay Barnes, RScP        February 21, 2016   (Audio File)

In Unity with God and Connected with Each Other      Rev Molly Cameron       February 14, 2016  (Audio File)

The Many Incarnations of the One Spirit      Rev Molly Cameron        February 7, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks January, 2016

Living In Alignment With Our Highest Spiritual Truth      Rev Molly Cameron      January 31, 2016 (Family Day at the Center)   (Audio File)

In And Through All Creation       Rev Molly Cameron        January 24, 2016   (Audio File)

All Life As Expressions of God       Rev Molly Cameron        January 17, 2016  (Audio File)

Suffer No More         Rev Molly Cameron         January 10, 2016   (Audio File)

All Your Dreams Are Coming True        Maggie Ervin, RScP         January 3, 2016  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks December, 2015

The Inner Teacher       Rev Molly Cameron         December 27, 2015  (Audio File)

When The Going Gets Rough, Turn to Wonder     Rev Molly Cameron      December 20, 2015  (Audio File)

No Fixing Cause Nothing is Broke     Rev Molly Cameron     December 13, 2015  (Audio File)

Speak Your Truth       Rev Molly Cameron      December 6, 2015 (Audio File)

Sunday Talks November, 2015

Touchtones for Community: Be Present        Rev Molly Cameron     November 29, 2015  (Audio File)

Touchtones for Community: Give and Receive Welcome     Rev Molly Cameron   November 22, 2015 (Audio File)

Wrapping It All Up Together      Rev Molly Cameron       November 15, 2015  (Audio File)

Personal Voice and Agency – YOU 2.0      Rev Molly Cameron November 8, 2015   (Audio File)

Holding Tension in Life-Giving Ways       Rev Molly Cameron       November 1, 2015   (Audio File)

Sunday Talks October, 2015

Creating Community        Rev Molly Cameron          October 25, 2015   (Audio File)

Radical Gratitude: An Entrance into the Sacred”       Rev Patrick Harbula      October 18, 2015   (Audio File)

The Value of “Otherness”      Rev Molly Cameron       October 11, 2015 (Audio File)

We Are In This Together        Rev Molly Cameron        October 4, 2015   (Audio File)

Sunday Talks September, 2015

A Harvest of Joy        Rev Molly Cameron          September 20, 2015   (Audio File)

Seeing Through Joy-Colored Glasses     Wendy Adaska, RScP      September 13, 2015   (Audio File)

JOY is a State of BEING!    Margie Salmons, RScP      September 6, 2015   (Audio File)

Sunday Talks August, 2015

Missing the Music      Rev Sandra Weisner      August 30, 2015  (Audio File)

A World That Works for Everyone Beginning With Me       Caren Truske, RScP                            August 23, 2015 (Audio File)

As I Heal – So Too The World Heals       Mary Dinneen, RScP   August 16, 2015  (Audio File)

In the Smallest Ways – You Don’t Need Another “Big Bang” to Witness the Infinite Everyday of Your Life     Jami Lula     August 9, 2015   (Audio File)

The Spark of Passion        Rose Callahan, RScP        August 2, 2015  (Audio File)


Sunday Talks July, 2015

Unconditional Love      Rev Linda Poole Kennedy      July 26, 2015    (Audio File)

Growing Your Gold        Kristen Peairs, RScP       July 19, 2015   (Audio File)

Come On In When You’re Ready      Kri & Hettie       July 12, 2015  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks June, 2015

A Vision for the World: The Living Possibility Rev Molly Cameron July 28, 2015  (Audio File)

Releasing Your Inner “Boy” – Rev. Molly Cameron, June 21, 2105 (click the start button below for audio):

The Art & Science of Allowing – Rev. Molly Cameron, June 14, 2015 (click the start button below for audio):

Transformation as Distinct from Change     Rev Molly Cameron     June 7, 2015 (Audio File)

Sunday Talks May, 2015

Family Day-Loving What Children Love    Rev Molly Cameron    May 31, 2015 (Audio File)

Change Your Feelings    Guest Speaker, Gino Walker May 24, 2015  (Audio File)

What’s The Guy’s Name on 1st?    Guest Speaker, Jay Barnes, RScP    May 17, 2015 (Audio File)

Mother’s Day: Embracing Your Inner Girl Rev Molly Cameron    May 10, 2015  (Audio File)

Thinking for a New World: The Four Aspects of Knowing Rev Molly Cameron    May 3, 2015 (Audio File)

Sunday Talks April, 2015

Infinite Possibility: Thinking Beyond Compromise Rev Molly Cameron    April 26, 2015 (Audio File)

Living in an Observer-Created Reality Rev Molly Cameron    April 19, 2015  (Audio File)

Resurrection – Living Vertically in a Horizontal World Rev Molly Cameron    April 5, 2015  (Audio File)

Sunday Talks March, 2015

Thou Shalt Live a Joyful Life Rev Molly Cameron March 29, 2015 (Audio File)

Interbeing In A Brave New World Rev Molly Cameron March 22, 2015  (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Cultivate Your Mind Rev Molly Cameron March 15, 2015 (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Take Care of Your Body Mary Dinneen, RScP March 8, 2015 (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Care For All The People Of The Earth Rev Molly Cameron March 1, 2015 (Audio File)

Sunday Talks  February, 2015

February 22, 2015 – No Sunday Celebration due to weather

Thou Shalt Live With An Open Heart   Ami Papadopulo, RScP   February 15, 2015 (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Live With An Open Heart – Ami Papadopulo, RScP 02-15-15

Thou Shalt Practice Sufficiency   Rev Molly Cameron February 8, 2015 (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Practice Sufficiency Rev Molly Cameron 02-08-15

Thou Shalt Love Animals as Thyself Rev Molly Cameron February 1, 2015 (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Love Animals as Thyself – February 1, 2015

Sunday Talks  January, 2015


Thou Shalt Tend This Earth Garden 01-25-15

Thou Shalt Bless the Air You Breathe 1-18-15  (Video)

Thou Shall Bless The Air You Breathe Rev Molly Cameron January 18, 2015  (Audio File)

Thou Shalt Honor the Waters of the Earth 1-11-15   (Video)

Thou Shalt Honor the Waters of the Earth    Rev Molly Cameron January 11, 2015  (Audio File)

The Original 10 – Are They Enough? (Video)

The Original 10 – Are They Enough?   Rev Molly Cameron January 4, 2015 (Audio File)

Sunday Talks December, 2014

Video: The Value of Compassion, December 21, 2014

Video: The Value of Commitment, December 14, 2014

Video: The Value of Open Communication, December 7, 2014

Integrity is our Divine Nature     Guest Speaker   Catherine Long, RScP     December 28, 2014 (Audio File)

The Value of Compassion Rev Molly Cameron December 21, 2014  (Audio File)

The Value of Commitment Rev Molly Cameron December 14, 2014 (Audio File)

The Value of Open Communication   Rev Molly Cameron December 7, 2014 (Audio File)

Sunday Talks November, 2014

Video: The Value of Honoring All Voices – November 30, 2014

Video: The Value of Diversity – November 23, 2014

Video: The Value of Love – November 16, 2014

Video: Accountability – November 9, 2014

Video: What is Spiritual Living? – November 2, 2014



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