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December Theme – Integrity

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This month’s ValueWe embrace the quality of being honest and strive to let our inner convictions match our outer actions. We express wholeness, honesty and fairness in our relationships and activities.

Integrity is about recognizing our individual wholeness and doing our best to live into it.  Saying what we mean, not what we think we should say. Doing what we say we’ll do. Living in alignment with what we value. Integrity is inseparable from the spiritual path, and yes, it’s not always easy to do what we say we’ll do and say what we mean. But because we are whole to begin with, there is room to cut ourselves some slack! No one is 100% in integrity 100% of the time because we are so very human. We are “perfectly imperfect” just as we are, and all the cracks and gaps in our integrity serve as signposts for moving forward!  I hope you’ll join us in this holiday season.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters
― Albert Einstein

Here’s what you’ll hear on Sundays in December:

December 3 – Wandering Off Your Path

Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind: We should never lose sight of the fact that the soul is on the pathway of an endless and ever-expanding experience, and that only by expansion can it evolve. This does not mean that we should cast away any good the old has to offer, but that we convert it into greater good. Accepting the lessons and experiences of the past, and taking the best from everything, we should press boldly forward, looking ever for the Truth, and ever ascending higher an higher into the heavens of reality.

December 10 – A Life of Character

Ernest Holmes, A New Design for Living: And there is one person we must learn to get along with above all others. That person is our self. We must never belittle our self. Never dislike yourself. Never resent what we are or the way we feel, and stop feeling guilty in any way. God created us, we are His/Her expression. If we have done many things wrong up to this time, if perhaps we have not been all things we could have been—well, that is the way things are. But the larger possibility is always ahead of us. We can start becoming more of it right now; start moving out of what we are into what we can be…The moment we start to get on good terms with our self, all else will fall into place for then we will be in harmony with God, and God includes us and everything and everyone else.

December 17 – The Courage to Shine – Church of the Earth Winter Solstice Celebration

This quarterly holiday honors Mother Earth and our relationship to her! We celebrate with music from the One Voice Choir, a ceremony of light, and words of inspiration and encouragement. AND we follow it with an amazing potluck lunch together – Don’t miss it!

Holmes, SOM Magazine: The quickest and most effective method to get rid of fear is to get quiet and lift up the whole thought in confidence and faith to Something bigger than we are. It is like going from a cold, dark room into the sunshine and just sitting there, letting the rays of the sun penetrate the whole being with warmth and color until the darkness and the dampness are gone. So it is with the life of prayer and faith, of affirmative meditation and of communion with that Divine Spirit which is closer to us than our very breath.

December 24 – A Life of Truth

Candles and Carols to celebrate Christmas as the birth of all that is sacred inside of each of us. The One Voice Choir joins with the Children’s Choir to sing favorites and you are invited to sing along.

Holmes, SOM Magazine: Jesus taught tow great universal truths: one, that we are surrounded by a Divine Presence which presses against us everywhere; the other, that we are surrounded by a universal Law of Intelligence which is creative — it is done unto us as we believe. No other person before, or since, had ever been so specific about this.

December 31 – New Beginnings

Holmes, Living the Science of Mind: We cannot go back over the past and relive it.  We cannot make adjustments in the past. We have to make them in the present. It is not going to do us any good to sit around and cry over the past and bemoan our fate, because in the very day which we are living we are creating our tomorrows, which will become monotonous repetitions of our yesterdays. … If we disconnect ourselves from the past and find ourselves firmly rooted in God’s Joy, in Love, in hope, in joyful expectancy, and in grateful acknowledgement, and if we learn to harmonize with everything that transpires today, tomorrow will blossom lie a new flower in our experience.

We also have a 7pm New Year Service featuring the indescribably beautiful music of Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett. We weave sound and silence, words and ritual, and end with the burning bowl ceremony in which we release the old and embrace the new for 2018.

Come visit! We like to say that when you’re here, you’re home.

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