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August – Spiritual Mind Treatment: Form and Feeling

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Spiritual Mind Treatment is the term that describes the way we pray. Treatment is a movement in consciousness, rather than a petition to God. Just as Jesus trusted his Father to deliver what he asked, we begin with the idea that everything is already given to us, and that it is up to each of us to choose from the “banquet.” It takes practice!

The first thing we have to get over is that long-lived anthropomorphic god who is prone to mood changes! God is consistent Good, always flowing into Its Creation. You and I direct that flow to the extent that we are aware of our innate partnership with God. When we experiment with this kind of prayer, it is often accompanied by little seeming “miracles” of prayer answered. And the more often that happens, the deeper our conviction becomes that we are far more powerful that we ever dreamed, and supported by the Universe in every way.

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Rev Molly

Here’s what’s coming up this month:


August 5 – How to Give a Spiritual Mind Treatment – Special Guest Speaker, Lisa Ferraro

Lisa serves as our Artist-in-Residence, along with her partner, Erika Luckett. She brings great spiritual intellect as well as a wicked sense of humor!

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 284

Take a definite time at least twice each day to be alone, sit down, compose your mind, and think about God. Try to arrive at a deep sense of peace and calm. Then assume an attitude of faith in a Power greater than you are. Say: The words I speak are the Law of Good and they will produce the desired result because they are operated on by a Power greater than I am.

I am one with the Infinite Rhythm of Life, which flows through me in love, harmony, and in peace.

August 12 – Treatment Deals with Thought – Special Guest Speaker, Dana Horton

Dana has served as a Practitioner at the Center for 5 years and is in his final year of ministerial training. (He too has a wicked sense of humor.)

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 287

Treatment deals with thoughts … Perfection is already accomplished; It was and is and will remain. There is a Perfect Idea back of every organ and there is a Perfect Actor back of all life. The more completely you realize this the more effective will be your mental treatment, because this treatment is a conscious pronouncement about the Spiritual Self and Its relationship to the Universe or God.

I speak into that Law and it is done to me.

August 19 – Affirmations and Denials in Treatment

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 301

The practitioner deals with the argument of negation which appears as wrong things, or wrong conditions, by using the opposite argument of Truth based upon the Reality that God is All there is. The mental argument continues until the mind of the practitioner is satisfied with the evidence s/he has produced. … the practitioner deals with the negation more as though it were a hypnotic suggestion than as though it were a Reality.

I realize that whatever the whole [human] race holds to be true about itself appears to be true… but even so, I know that the whole thing is an illusion.

August 26 – Simple Acceptance

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 309

When you give a mental treatment you should feel that all the Power there is in the Universe is flowing into your word. It … is very easy if you simplify it in your thought and realize that you are dealing with an Eternal Presence which when called upon responds to you.

The intellect argues, but the Spirit knows.


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