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February Theme – Self-Awareness is Not Enough

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Self-awareness without a greater vision for possibility is not enough. There is a thread that connects each of us to a Universal Whole, our individual personalities point to a Greater Personhood, individualized as you and me. Becoming aware of oneself as a center of this Divine Personality is where our teaching leads us, and our goal is to learn to use It, work with It and embody It. That’s what we mean by transformation – becoming aware of the Presence of something greater than ourselves at work in the world.

Here’s what you’ll hear on Sundays in February; and if you miss the message, you can hear it here:

February 4 – What is Religion?

Religion means our attitude toward God. …The communion of the soul with this Over-Presence is a natural act. To feel that a Presence greater than we are is guiding us is normal. To trust this Presence is sanity. To desire that the Divine Eternal shall project Itself through our thought is to be receptive to that greater side of our nature which lies open to the upper reaches of thought. This is religion.

The approach to Reality should be simple, direct, and spontaneous. The Secret Place of the Most High is neither in the holy mountain of Samaria nor at Jerusalem; for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.

February 11 – What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a constant, consistent attempt to feel the Presence of God in everything and in everyone. … Spirituality cannot be taught, but it can be felt, it can be practiced, it can be embodied. Each in his own consciousness must experience it in his own way, and his way will always be best for him. Indeed, it will be the only way he could do it, because, in the secret precinct of the mind which is alone with God, nothing else can enter.

You are rooted in the Supreme Mind, in the Everlasting Spirit, in the Perfect Presence.

February 18 – Desire, Opinion, and Revelation

We do not dispute the idea of revelation, since all truth is some revelation of Reality to the mind of man. We do not deny that there is a Spirit which inspires and a Guidance which directs. What we say is that when it seems as though this Guidance directs us chaotically or counsels men to destructive acts, it is not Divine Guidance at all. It is some form of opinion or desire masquerading as reason, seeking to justify itself by claiming to be the Voice of God.

Today I allow myself to dip deeply into my divine nature, wherein the Spirit of God—the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Peace—dwells with calm serenity.

February 25 – Belief, Faith, and Prayer

Jesus not only said, So be it done unto thee. He said, As thou hast believed. … It is done unto us as we believe, and if we can believe only a little, then only what we call a little is done. But if we believe in what the consensus of human opinion has called a lot, then a lot is done. Not that there is big or little in the Truth, but that we measure it. Well did the Great Teacher say, With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. It is done unto us, but only as we believe.

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