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June – Spiritual Wisdom and How to Use It

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Spiritual Wisdom can seem like a brass ring we are trying to catch. I’ve heard it said that wisdom is what emerges when knowledge meets understanding, and I think it’s true. We can learn a lot about life and other people, but wisdom takes the additional step of taking what we know (head) and balancing it with understanding (heart). In those moments, any situation will transform before our eyes as we see through the eyes of Wisdom.

This month we’ll take a look deep into wisdom. We’ll talk about how to make this move from head to heart – after all, that’s what the spiritual journey is all about, is it not? If you have Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, the pages for study are noted, as we work our way through this wonderful book.

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Rev Molly

Here’s what’s coming up this month:

June 3 – How Does God Know What I am Doing?

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 221

A great load will fall from our mind if we will stop thinking about big or little or hard and easy. If you set a spool of thread in front of a mirror, it will be reflected, or if you stand in front of the mirror yourself, you will be reflected. This larger form will be reflected as readily as the smaller form. The mirror knows nothing about size, but reflects automatically the form held in front of it.

There is no big or little in God.

June 10 – Your Invisible Forces

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 227

Our roots are in the Mind of God. Our individuality, everything that we are and do, is an effect of our Invisible Forces—Forces which continually draw on the Infinite. God has need of us or It wouldn’t have put us here. The Divine wishes to express through you and through me or we would have no existence. It is only because we live in God that we live at all. If we think of ourselves as rooted in God and expect Divine Power to flow through us, our every thought and act will be animated by the same Life and Power and Beauty that clothe the lily of the field.

When we remember that the Higher Forces of life always work constructively, there is no limit to their possibility.

Guest Speaker: Rev. Catherine Bliss, Assistant Minister for Columbus Center.

June 17 – Your Spiritual Bank Account

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 232

How would it be if we all opened a spiritual account with the Bank of Life and, realizing that we were drawing on the Infinite, each day deposited enough hope and happiness and faith to more than meet any emergency that might possibly arise? The wonderful part about this is that we know Life contains all these things and It wants to give them to us. It is intended by the Divine scheme of things that we should have them.

 Be sure to open your account with the Bank of Life. From that account is the real substance of life drawn – peace and joy and certainly and freedom.

Guest Speaker: Ami Papadopulo, RScP and Ministerial Graduate

June 24 – How to Create a Spiritual Chain Reaction

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, pg. 239

If you would bring happiness to those around you, you must first become happy yourself. But before you can become happy something has to happen to you that causes you to know that God is right where you are, that Good is the final Power in the Universe, and that Good is the final Power in the Universe, and that Love is an all-conquering Force.

Broadcast your conviction. Start a chain reaction of love and hope and joy that spreads from you to the whole world.

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