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What is Membership?

We consider everyone who calls us their spiritual home, members of our community. However, those who make a deeper commitment to their own growth and the development of our Center become formal Members.

Members are like the roots of the tree, as we work together to grow a community, supporting spiritual development for both the individual and the whole. Being a member of Columbus Center means that you are an “owner” of your spiritual home. You are willing to give in return for the spiritual food you receive, to help the Center grow and flourish. Members are eligible to stand for election to the CORE Council, which is the primary governing body; the Vision Core, which helps cast the vision for the future; and the Nominating Core, which ensures that our Cores are populated with people who are passionately aligned with our mission.

The Commitment

We ask that your commitment be from the heart; not from guilt, not from ego, and certainly not to please anyone else.

This is a commitment to you, first and foremost.  Are you called to participate more fully in your spiritual growth through supporting this Center and practicing to the best of your ability the Science of Mind philosophy? Then you are on track for membership at Columbus Center.

Outrageous Care

We ask that you participate in giving and receiving outrageous care!

Members belong to at least one sacred service circle that supports Sunday morning celebrations. Service groups create an atmosphere of welcome for Sunday attendees and, just as importantly, each circle is dedicated to caring for its members through prayer, sharing and support. Read more…..

You can also experience outrageous care in a social circle, which is a group of 8-12 people who meet monthly to support one another spiritually and socially. Read more…..

Financial Support

As a member, you’ll pledge a monthly amount that you will invest in Columbus Center. You’ll do so by submitting a Spiritual Investment Card, which also enrolls you in The Prosperous Life Program, a support system to help you reach greater prosperity in your own life. Giving with thanks to the Source of your spiritual nourishment is a spiritual practice, and mindful participation in the Law of Attraction.

Formalized Training

Members attend at least one Science of Mind class or designated workshop during the year. New members are required to attend a Membership Orientation held in January, April, July or November.  A vibrant spiritual community has members who are continually learning and deepening in spiritual learning and practice.

Yearly Membership Renewal

Every year members are asked to renew their commitment to the Center.

Next Steps

Your commitment to membership is the foundation of this thriving community. You are invited to attend the next scheduled Membership Orientation meeting, where you’ll be asked to complete a Declaration of Membership and a Spiritual Investment card.

Membership Orientation happens every quarter at the Center so watch Upcoming Events for the next one!


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