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Core Council

CORE stands for “Conscious Of Reality Evolving.”

This elected group, together with Reverend Molly Cameron, governs our organization. They meet monthly to determine our course, making the vision into reality.

Its responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Receive input from all areas of the Center and synthesize it into a clear direction and measureable goals;
  • Prioritize, coordinate, and apply resources;
  • Monitor overall health and unfoldment of the Center;
  • Serve as communication hub;
  • Act as final decision-making body for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living.

General CORE Council Responsibilities:

  1. Financial stewardship
  2. Planning and implementation
  3. Organizational structure
  4. Public relations
  5. Policy and procedures
  6. Representation of formal and informal community members

Core Council Members:

Reverend Molly Cameron, Senior and Founding Minister

Rev. Molly holds the vision of a flourishing Center where each individual prospers in all areas of their lives!

For the last eight years she has been casting this vision forward through our ministries, classes, circles, and elected Cores.

Read more about Rev. Molly – Meet Our Staff

Janeen Sands, Chair

Growing up in Athens, Ohio, surrounded by the campus of Ohio University, I very much appreciate and relish the energy that comes with learning, seeking and growing.  To that end, with a background in education, I have had the opportunity and privilege to serve as a member of several academic advisor teams focused on supporting students in their academic endeavors.

An avid gardener, and steward of our Earth, I live in an energy efficient home, with solar panels and a geothermal heating and cooling system.   And I am excited to share that I am stepping into a new adventure in which I am re-purposing to a second ‘career.’  As co-owner of an organic orchard, I now get to play outside, be part of the wonderful progression of the seasons of apples and pears and see first-hand the gifts each season offers!

Janeen’s vision for the Center:  The Welcome sign shines bright, big and bold at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living!  My vision for the Center is that of continuing to grow as a welcoming, loving and thriving community.  A community that supports, nurtures and uplifts each member of the CCSL community while reaching out to the larger Columbus community.  Together, we get to decide what a welcoming, loving, thriving community looks like.  For me it looks like the extraordinary in the ordinary – growing a garden together and eating a meal of the wonderful vegetables, singing around a fire, attending a class, meeting for a cup of tea or taking a walk together.  I see a welcoming community standing on the foundation of Our Essence – we are the joyful expression of Spirit; embracing Our Message – as you change your thinking, you change your life; and growing Our Vision “We are…starting with me.”

Jenny Peery, Treasurer

It has been Jenny’s pleasure to have lived in the Columbus area for more than 35 years with service in the banking industry and accounting department at State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio as my labor of love.  Family, her husband of 9 years, Craig Newburgh and their cat, CJ, are closest to her heart.  Spiritual learning, philosophy, astrology, architecture, caring for mother earth, and team building are some of her passions.

Jenny’s vision for The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: Our mission statement “….a world that works for everyone, one person at a time starting with me” energized Jenny’s vision of The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living as the proving ground for the teaching of the founders of Science of Mind.  A safe place where we can all learn, communicate with compassion and practice the principles together in creating a world that respects, loves and works together with all of our unique differences.  Working with our community at The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living to provide us all with a place to learn, converse and experience the principles.  To use the tools of compassion and love in our homes, our families, our community, our states, our country and globally.  A world that works for everyone, starting with Jenny.  Together we learn to live it, through our Columbus Center for Spiritual Living community.

Tim Wefler, Secretary

Tim’s background is in the sciences as well as the arts.  He has a degree in Animal Science from Purdue University and an MA in Psychology from the University of the Rockies.  Currently, he is a cattle disease specialist for Boehringer-Ingelheim (a German pharmaceutical company) where he works with veterinarians in 12 states to identify and find solutions for cattle diseases affecting our food production.  He also coaches workplace culture development in professional offices as a value-added benefit for some of my veterinary clients.Tim’s and his wife Laurel,  met through the CSL in Eugene, Oregon approximately 5 years ago and were married in October 2016.

Tim’s vision for The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: Tim’s vision for CCSL would be that we are a growing and thriving diverse community of spiritually-minded and loving people who function together well and financially responsible, so that we can continue to enjoy our time together and the teaching opportunities that we choose to pursue regarding life and spirituality.  Tim would like to help CCSL find a way in the future to secure our own location, if the membership feels that this would be important or worthwhile.  He would also like to see our membership ranks grow, reaching people who are seeking a spiritual experience without the dogma of mainstream religions.  He believes there are many people who are looking for what we have and are creating.

Rev. Catherine Long, Member

In 2007, Catherine was a part of a committed team of people that founded Columbus Center for Spiritual Living.  She served on the CORE Council as the chair until relocating to Denver to attend Mile Hi Church.  She graduated from Mile as a licensed practitioner in 2011 and returned to Columbus and answered the call to ministry.  She is on target to graduate as a licensed minister in July this year.  Upon completing her licensing, she intends to practice ministry here at Columbus Center for Spiritual Living.

Catherine’s vision for The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: Catherine’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living has always been that it is a healthy, thriving spiritual community that touches and transforms, not only our hearts, but reaches out into the larger Columbus community.  She believes we are a beacon and source of compassion, peace and through Science of Mind principles and practices we become greater than we know ourselves to be and awaken the giant within us.

Margie Salmons, RScP – Member

Margie has been a member at our Center for 12 years and has recently been appointed to serve out the term vacated recently. She served on the CORE Council in times past, providing insight from her corporate AT&T background and special skills in communication.

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