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Nominating Core

The Nominating Core is an elected body whose purpose is to seek out and cultivate the most highly qualified nominees to fill each elected position within the organizational model of the Center. They interview and assess the qualifications of nominees and determine and present an annual slate of nominees for each elected Core.


Joanie Bauman

Although her day job is working in corporate America, she has a passion for performing in musical productions.  Currently, she belongs to the New Albany Chorus and Millersport Community Theater.  She loves the camaraderie and singing experience that is provided by being a member of these organizations.  She also enjoys being a spiritual practitioner intern at CCSL as this role enables her to get to know our members and the other practitioners on a much deeper level.

Joanie’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: Joanie would like to see our Center grow by being more visible in the community, either through word of mouth, more participation in community events, alliances with other organizations, and direct promotion.  Every time she speaks with someone about the Center and what we believe, she can see that it peaked their interest.  She is certain that we will easily grow the more we get creative and get the word out about what a fantastic Center we have.


Deb Joseph

I am a native Buckeye.  I spent 25 years living and working in the lower Hudson Valley of New York.  I moved back to Ohio 2 years ago to be closer to family dear friends.  I am a holistic nurse currently working at the All Life Center for Integrative Well Being.  I enjoy golfing, gardening, watching any OSU sport and spending time with friends and my great dane Gabriel.

Deb’s vision for the Center for Spiritual Living:

I see the CCSL as a vibrant beacon of Light supporting the soul’s evolution of those who are ready. It is a place of comfort, Joy and Love that accepts everyone, no matter where they have been or where they think they are going.  I’m excited to be a part of this growing community, a true spiritual home.

Anne Strayer

Anne Strayer is a licensed life insurance agent, a certified aromatherapist and life coach, premier wellness advocate, Rich Strayer’s wife, Audrey Strayer’s mum, and the conscious co-creator of Affirmative Prayer In A Box. She attended the Clayton College of Natural Health in the early 90s and is passionate about sharing, educating, and empowering individuals to take proactive steps to optimize their physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Anne volunteers for Local Matters, the Columbus Gifted Academy PTO and can often be found working with the youth group at the Center for Spiritual Living. Her hobbies include blending, cooking, photography, gardening, swimming and outdoor adventures.

Anne’s Vision: As a member of the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living, my vision for the center is a strong, loving, diverse, community full of unlimited growth and expansion. I see our center as safe, welcoming, place of worship, support, creation, celebration, and collaboration.

Steve Ulrich

Steve Ulrich

Steve Ulrich

I was born and raised in New York City, moved to Columbus in 1976 to attend The Ohio State University and received a Master’s Degree in Student Personnel Work in Higher Education.  After spending a year and a half living in Toledo, I have lived in Columbus ever since. My career has included working in Information Technology with Time-Warner Cable and Sterling Commerce (now IBM) and having my own Social Media and Web Development Business.  I have traveled extensively domestically and internationally, in marketing and training roles.

I have graduated from the Coach Training Alliance Certified Coaching Program, participated in many Landmark Education courses, and have taken numerous Personal Growth and Human Development workshops and classes.

I am a divorced father of two grown children.  I have recently moved to Lewis Center in Delaware County and I am looking forward to building my business helping entrepreneurs get what they want in taking their businesses online in the most economical way.

Finding the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living was like a dream coming true.  I was raised Jewish, was married in a Unitarian Universalist Church, attended that denomination for several years, then put my spiritual growth on hold.  I immediately resonated with the Columbus Center from the moment I first attended a service in 2008.  I decided to return to the Center in September of 2010 to take the Foundations of Science of Mind Class and have attended ever since.

Kristen Wilcock

Kristen Wilcock co-founded a not-for-profit organization for children with Autism in 2002. She acted as the Director of the organization for the first six years of operation and was on the Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2008. In 2007, Ms. Wilcock opened the Silver Lining Group, a private center for children with autism. As the owner/CEO of the Silver Lining Group, she has grown the company from 4 employees and 6 clients in 2007 to over 140 employees and 180 clients in 10 years. She currently operates four locations throughout Ohio and provides outreach services in 17 counties.

Ms. Wilcock has extensive experience in working with numerous Boards including but not limited to: multiple school districts, Department of Developmental Disabilities (both state and local Boards), and the Department of Mental Health (both state and local Boards). In addition, Ms. Wilcock is the proud parent of a young man on the autism spectrum. Her career and her son have led her to role of advocating for children with disabilities at both local and state levels. The experiences and skills that she has gained through her career will provide many benefits to the Council.

Ms. Wilcock is pleased to call the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living her spiritual home. This community is very important to her and she values the opportunity to serve it.

Kristen’s Vision for the Center: The Columbus Center of Spiritual Living is a staple in the central Ohio community that encourages people to change the world, starting with their own lives, through hope, comfort, peace, and love.


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