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Vision Core

The Vision Core meets regularly to conduct visioning sessions, creating a field of consciousness which is sensitive to the guidance of Spirit. The results of these visioning sessions are communicated to the CORE Council, and become the basis for the unified direction and evolving pathway of the Center.


David Galik

David is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a private practice working with individuals and couples. He has worked as a therapist in multiple urban settings ranging from an adolescent prison detention center to an inner city outpatient clinic and a halfway house.  He has an undergraduate degree in urban studies and went to a law school specializing in civil rights.  He has also worked in theater studying acting and play writing.

David’s Vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: David sees The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living as a light beacon in a dark sea.  Conveying a new concept of how one sees and looks at spiritual growth.  It is cutting edge in that way as all new life-changing philosophies that make real change.  Importantly, he sees it as inclusive of “outsiders” and those rejected by conventional religions.  And a center for those following a path of inner growth that see that while we may experience God as outside us, one’s growing awareness of God’s love or Universal Intelligence is in fact within us.  And that we can be aligned with that intelligence and experience God as a co-creator.  Finally, this path doesn’t always have to be serious.  It can be fun and light-hearted.

Carolyn (Care) Gerdeman

I consciously began my spiritual journey about 30 years ago.  We had 2 children and were feeling the need for some spiritual support.  We visited numerous churches and found a home at Unity of Dayton. This is the first time I heard spirituality spoken of in a way that resonated with me. That first time it was so thrilling and shocking to hear someone say out loud what I had always believed but never heard anyone say before.

I have had many career paths; Owner of Consignment Store, Assistant to Minister, Massage Therapist, Realtor, Property Manager and more things yet to come.  The things that mean the most to me are my family and friends.  I most strongly feel my connection with source when connecting with people, when out in nature and when singing.

Care’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: CCSL is laying down a wide and strong root system to support the growth that is currently happening and yet to come. I see us growing to two services and then to our own space that we will use seven days a week. The positive loving energy that is felt on Sunday by everyone who walks in the door is present in our new perfect location 24/7.  Positive loving energy flows from our facility (wherever it is) out to the world raising the vibration of this world.

Elaine Ireland


Robert Kemper

Robert A Kemper, born June 24, 1953.  He has lived in Franklin County Ohio most of his life, except for fifteen years in Fairfield County.  He has been married twice for a total of thirty seven years, with numerous children and grandchildren.  He started his essential spiritual journey in the winter of 2015 at The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living and enthusiastically continues to the present.

Robert’s vision for Columbus Center for Spiritual Living: My/God’s Vision for our Columbus Center for Spiritual Living arises in my knowing we do allow God’s Creative spirit to express in our community.  This vision is the soil, water, and sunshine for the seeds of Faith that allow people to realize and believe this world must work for everyone.  We are changing the world for the good.

Kristen Peairs

Kristen Peairs is a Licensed Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She is passionate about consciously integrating body and spirit. Introduced to Science of Mind in 2003 at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle, Kristen has felt at home in this philosophy since day one. She is a founding member of the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living and joyfully supports their growing community through teaching, treating, speaking, and loving.

Outside of CSL, Kristen is a Vision Embodiment Coach who specializes in supporting her clients in bringing their vision into their body as a path to manifestation. She is a skilled craniosacral therapy practitioner as well as a holistic dietitian. The topics of compassionate communication, living in possibility, and energy healing are all topics around which Kristen has designed talks and taught workshops. Kristen is deeply rooted in her passion for personal empowerment for health and well-being.

Kristen’s vision for the Center: In my vision, we know ourselves to be a team of human beings who breathe as one while using the principles of Science of Mind in our daily lives. We provide as much support as we receive such that a dozen hands reach out to catch us in our times of need. Our center is healthy, thriving, and prosperous because our members are healthy, thriving, and prosperous.

Laurel Peterson

I am very honored and excited to be considered for the Vision Core for CCSL.  Over the last 20 years of being in Centers for Spiritual Living, visioning is something I have enjoyed doing most and is one of my biggest strengths.

I attended Mile Hi Church of Religious Science in Denver from 1998-2005, Centers for Spiritual Living in Eugene, Oregon from 2005-2015, and have been with Columbus Center for Spiritual Living since moving here in 2015.  That is 20 years! Over the years I have completed probably 8-9 in house classes as well as week-long Spiritual Retreats in Costa Rica and Hawaii, Inner Child/Inner Team Weekends, Women’s Retreats as well as many others.   I have also been a member of an Intentions/Manifesting group since 2012 and have witnessed amazing growth in my fellow members and myself.

I find this teaching to be extremely powerful, empowering, positive and loving.  It has had a major impact on my life and I use the teachings every day in my quest toward continued self-improvement. I have had so many demonstrations that this teaching works. It is my passion to continue to contribute my highest and best skills and abilities to furthering it.

Laurel’s Vision for the Center: I firmly believe that when we have our own building we will have to opportunity to build our community in amazing ways, and not just on Sundays.  Classes, workshops, concerts, playshops, guest lecturers, retreats and meetings will be held there all throughout the week, giving us more opportunity to connect and plant our firm identity in Columbus.  (continued on next page)

As folks from the larger community are drawn to the wide range of events, they will gain exposure to our Center and will be drawn to join our community. As we bring our vision out into the world through our local outreach, I see our activities being showcased in popular local media, greatly increasing the draw to our Center. I know we have something that a lot of people could use right now.


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