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Get Involved

At CCSL we have many ways to get involved.

At CCSL we call our volunteer and social groups “circles” because we all work together in continuous movement and support. Each circle has a leader, a leader in training and a leader champion.


CCSL Circle Awareness Day

CCSL Circle Awareness Day

2018 Challenge for Fun-Raising

The 2018 Challenge to all of our Circles is to create a Fun-Raising Event that will also raise funds for our Center! Download the event review here for details: Event Review

Service Circles

Each Service Circle is constantly accepting for more volunteers so if something calls to you, let us know and we’ll get you involved. One of the BEST ways to make friends and lifelong relationships at our community is to get involved. You will love it!

Greeter Service Circle

Prosperity Counter Circle

Usher Service Circle

ervice Coordinator Service Circle

Events Service Circle

Hospitality Service Circle

Service & Special Events Staging Circle

CD Duplication Service Circle

Compassionate Care Ministry Circle

Practitioners Ministry Circle

Youth Program Ministry Circle

CORE Council Elected Circle

Nominations Core Elected Circle

Vision Core Elected Circle

Contact us to get involved in any of the Volunteer or Social Circles.

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