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Member Care

Columbus Center for Spiritual Living represents the wonderful caring people who come through the doors every week, looking for inspiration, friends and spiritual tools to create rich and rewarding lives.

In order to meet these needs, we have developed programs for spiritual enrichment; great classes, inspiring services, and fun events. And the most important thing we do is provide the opportunity for every person to belong to a small group of like-minded people, meeting regularly in support of one another.

Here’s the way it works.

We are in the business of training leaders who guide their teams in such a way that every person gets personal care. What is personal care? Asking the question “How are you?” and listening deeply to the answer. Offering help when it’s needed. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Knowing the names of your children. Checking in with you to see how they can help.

A group of Leader Champions support the leaders, and the Director supports the Leader Champions. This is a way to grow our Center, without losing the personal touch, or relying on one minister to meet the needs of our growing population.

Here’s how to get involved:

Volunteer for one of our sacred service circles.

Join a social group, or start one of your own.  See more at our Get Involved page.

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