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The Next Generation Program

Many young families call Columbus Center their spiritual home.

That means that 15% of our community is kids!

To help them learn and grow into loving, inclusive adults we offer our Next Generation Program, where children spend Sunday morning in age-appropriate groups learning (or remembering) who they really are: divine children of a loving God, created to bring more life and love to our planet.

Our community members are their teachers, because we believe that it’s One for All and All for One here in earth school. It takes all of us to raise our kids to honor Spirit, each other and Mother Earth.

Every three months, eight adults volunteer to staff the youth program. They teach an age group every other week for three months, for a total of six classes. Curriculum and craft materials are all provided, along with a small stipend for doing a great job. See more about the Sunday morning Next Generation program here.

You can get involved! See Rev. Molly or Robin, or call 614-216-0340 for details. (Background check applies.)

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