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Prayer Practitioners

Practitioners pray with people every Sunday after the Celebration Service, using a technique formally called spiritual mind treatment.

A licensed practitioner undergoes four years of training in the art of this kind of affirmative prayer. It is based on the idea that we live and breathe in Divine Spirit; that we are surrounded by God, filled with God, a loving Presence whose will for us is that we be happy.

With that as the starting point, a treatment powerfully affirms that all is already given to us by our loving Creator. The task for the receiver of this prayer is to learn to accept more good in life. Often you’ll hear Rev. Molly ask, “How good can you stand it?”

Many of our practitioners are available for private sessions as well. Although there is no fee for prayer after service, our practitioners have varying fees for private sessions which run about an hour, to help you get to the heart of the issue and correct it.

Prayer Practitioners

Jay Barnes, RScP

Jay BarnesJay has served The Center from its inception. He was present at the first visioning in 2007, while he was studying for his Practitioner’s license through on-line training offered by Home Office.

Jay has served on the CORE Council and the Vision Core, as well as the Practitioner Core and he is the Leader of the Sound Tech Team.  Contact Jay at


Joanie Bauman, RScP

Joanie is newly licensed as a Practitioner at the Center – congratulations, Joanie!


Janelle Carroll, RScP

Janelle is newly licensed with Columbus Center as a Practitioner – congratulations, Janelle!

Mary Dinneen, RScP

Mary DineenMary Dinneen, is a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner and a founding member of the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living. She and her husband, Dana Horton, completed the practitioner training together in 2013 and have made CCSL their Spiritual home since 2008.

Mary has focused her professional work of 25 years in alternative medicine and now her Practitioner work to the understanding of why people don’t heal and how they can. During her Practitioner studies, Mary was drawn to study New Thought philosophers. These New Thought philosophers, like our founder Ernest Holmes, believed that ALL physical conditions can be healed.

Through the insights of her studies on the healing power of prayer, her work as a health care provider, and her own physical healing, Mary has gained a deep understanding of what needs to happen in order to restore health. This additional healing tool of prayer greatly enhances Mary’s tool box of energy healing techniques which includes: Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupuncture, herbs, meditation, martial arts and lifestyle modifications. It is her belief and knowing that the tool of prayer, gained as a RScP, is the synergistic key to supporting health challenged individuals on their way to a complete and total healing.

As a dedicated and enthusiastic Healing Specialist, Mary looks forward to assisting and guiding many through the maze of healing to a place of health and a return of Wholeness. She is available for private sessions by appointment.

Contact Mary at or 614-975-6752 for an appointment.

Linda Farrenkopf, RScP


Linda Farrenkopf is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner and has been a member of Columbus Center for Spiritual Living since 2009. She has been studying Science of Mind principles for 20 years and attended different New Thought churches over the years but has really found a home at CCSL. She brings warm, loving energy to her practice. She is gifted at creating sacred space and opening up to Spirit. She would love to pray with you.

Contact Information:, (614)738-9303

Dana Horton, RScP

Dana HortonDana is employed at AEP as a Director in the Regulatory Division.  Dana has been with AEP for over 30 years.  Dana is married to the lovely Mary Dinneen (also a Practitioner).  Dana and Mary have three children total – Michael Dinneen, Byron Horton, and Lizzy Horton.

Dana has been an active member of CCSL since discovering the Center in 2008.  In 2013 he achieved a milestone in his spiritual development by becoming a licensed Religious Science Practitioner.  Dana has also been a member of CORE Council for four years, acting as Treasurer.

Dana’s Experience as a Practitioner:   “Being a Practitioner has been a surprisingly rewarding experience for me.  I feel fulfilled whenever I do service on the Platform, holding High Watch, leading Meditation, and especially when doing prayer work with others. I enjoy promoting our work in the world.  And I feel genuine gratitude to our entire community for their support.” Contact:

Julie Matheson, RScP

Julie Matheson is an intuitive holistic counselor, helping clients gently shift their perception one pattern at a time through her guided writing process and energy clearing work. She was first licensed as a CSL Practitioner in 1999, received her masters in counseling and psychology in 2001, and holds certificates of study in Neurolinguistic Programming, Enneagram, Inner Child Therapy, and trauma work.  Her focus is to help clients change patterns deeply and permanently at their root cause.  Julie, an Ohio native, is our out-reach practitioner, living in Boise, ID, and is available for prayer by phone.   617-233-4251

Ami Papadopulo, RScP

Amy Papadopulo

Ami Papadopulo is a professional licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living.  She is currently practicing her practitioner work and is a member of the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living in Columbus, Ohio.  She earned a BA and an MEd from The Ohio State University.  Ami has been teaching metaphysical classes for adults and children for many years.   She has also been seeing adult, teen age and child clients as a spiritual coach for many years as well.  She enjoys working with clients who are interested in rediscovering their self worth and self value through self acceptance to live a more satisfying life.  She uses a variety of methods such as affirmative prayer, EFT, visioning, forgiveness work, meditation, journaling and languaging.  When not at the Columbus Center or seeing clients she enjoys spending time with her young daughter.

During a typical practitioner session with Ami a client can expect to be welcomed into a safe, warm and caring environment.  Because all of practitioners sessions are held in confidentiality Ami feels it is important to establish a safe place for people to be able to explore anything and everything that is not working in their lives.  This environment is also a safe place for people to explore their deepest dreams and heart felt desires they may have been afraid to give voice to.  During the session a client can expect to be heard, seen, accepted and valued for who ever they are in that moment as well as encouraged and supported from a place of love and spiritual maturity.  During a session, a client can expect to experience the power of spiritual mind treatment or affirmative prayer, meditation or any number of modalities to help the client remember who they are.  Ami is able to help her clients see the spirituality present in any and all situations, people and places no matter how it appears.  She is skilled and gifted in helping her clients shift into to a place of forgiveness and self-love.  Overall, during a session with Ami a client can expect to come away with hope, love and acceptance.

Contact information:, 702-610-9321

Kristen Peairs, RScP

Kristen PeairsKristen has over a decade of professional experience in deep listening and healing work, including stretching, teaching, nutrition, massage, non-violent communication, and psychic development. She currently maintains a private practice where she uses all of her skills to support people in feeling more comfortable in in their bodies and their lives. Kristen’s passion is bridging the gap between what a person knows, and doesn’t know, with the goal of creating the exact right path necessary to bring understanding and relief.

A practitioner session with Kristen is like walking on angel wings…you know that you are profoundly loved and supported, even as you can’t see the feathers on which your feet are treading. During a session, you can expect to be deeply heard, accepted, and acknowledged.

“Neither you, nor I, need to know how to solve the problems – that is the job of Spirit. Each session is opened and closed with prayer. The sharing in between is yours. The goal is to allow for the truth of Spirit to bubble up, thereby yielding light, clarity and release for a less encumbered path forward. Allow me to support you on your magical journey!” 

Contact Kristen at

Margie Salmons, RScP

Margie Salmons

Margie Salmons is a Charter member of CCSL and recently completed over three years of service on the CORE Council, serving as the Chair.

To request prayer support from CCSL, click here.

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