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Other Classes

The Heart of Leadership

If you have already made a commitment to leadership at Columbus Center for Spiritual Living, or if you simply want to learn more about leading your own life, or in the family or workplace, this class is for you. Based on the meta-model of small group care, participants will look deeply at the following:

  • Session 1: Letting go of old beliefs about you and leadership; Co-creating new ideas
  • Session 2: Learning what it means to belong
  • Session 3: Allowing yourself to be outrageously supported
  • Session 4: Exploring the power of invitation
  • Session 5: Using the Enneagram in leadership
  • Session 6: Removing fear around commitment

This leadership training consists of six class sessions approximately 2 hours each. Taught twice a year. No tuition; $20 materials fee.

Length of course: 5 weeks; 7-9:15pm

Text: Leadership manual, provided

Practical Mysticism

This course is an exploration of mysticism, what it is and what it is not. It provides the framework for the student to live a more mystical life in present time. Each student sets a personal intention for his or her life. Emphasis is given to the practice of meditation and the practice of witnessing consciousness. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen his or her own awareness of the Divine reality in daily living. Updated December 2008

Length of Course: 10 Weeks Certification Hours: 30
Textbooks: The Foundations of Mysticism, by Joel Goldsmith; Entering the Castle, Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose, by Caroline Myss

Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom

Jesus used short stories called parables to convey profound spiritual truths. The parables charge our spiritual journey with energy and our soul with light. During this course, students are introduced to ways to interpret stories from the Hebrew Bible, as a foundation for understanding the teachings of Jesus. Students become familiar with the power of the parable stories as inspiration for transforming the soul. Students bring the ancient parables to life, and relate them to the challenges of today’s world as they engage in discussions, role-playing, and problem-solving exercises, as well as creative arts expressions. Students may be beginners in exploring the arts as tools for contemplation and meditation.

Length of Course: 10 Weeks Certification Hours: 30

Textbooks:   by Ernest Holmes

Magic of the Soul

Combining the integrative principles and techniques from spiritual psychology with the power of the Science of Mind teaching, Magic of the Soul offers a dynamic training opportunity for students. It answers questions like, “Why haven’t I completely healed, even though I have been using spiritual mind treatment for years? How do we deal with fear that comes up before and after treatments? How can we embrace our shadow while affirming our divinity?” Magic of the Soul asks students to affirm and experience their inner divinity and at the same time honor their humanness and appreciate the beauty of who they are in the here and now, on their path to higher and higher expressions of divine nature. The most common theme throughout the text is to look for the magic, the opportunity for growth, and the sacredness in every situation in life, especially the challenging ones.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Text: Magic of the Soul, by Patrick J. Harbula

Mind/Body Connection

This course is designed to give the student a greater understanding of the mind/body connection, and the important role consciousness plays in the healing process. This course is a clear, step by step process that begins with Principle, deals with the emotional issues surrounding the body, gives emphasis to effective prayer, unlearning old concepts of duality and disease, and even addresses practical considerations of the student in locating health professionals who support his/her belief system. This course is ideal for the beginner or the advanced student who desires a deeper understanding of physical healing.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Textbooks: The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

This Thing Called You

This class was created to deepen the student’s understanding that he or she is an individualized expression of God. Topics of exploration include: co-creation, the power of belief, your inner authority, and how to increase your faith. This is excellent for new students and as a refresher course for more experienced student.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Text: This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Fitness

Spiritual fitness is a lifestyle and an attitude that can help you rediscover the real meaning and sacredness of your life. Like physical fitness, it is not a one-time experience; it needs your ongoing commitment. To stay spiritually fit means living in truth and trust, i.e., being yourself at the deepest level in everything you do and bringing all of you to your life experiences. It also means trusting that there is a greater power constantly guiding you and inviting you, through your life experiences, to live more openly and lovingly. When we trust, we start to make our choices and decisions from a place of love and courage instead of from fear. This in turn gives us clarity and strength.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Text: Spiritual Fitness, by Caroline Reynolds

Spiritual Economics

Focusing on prosperity issues, the student of this class will gain a greater understanding of the basic metaphysical principles which govern our financial well-being. Participants will learn how to use these principles effectively in everyday life. This is a sensible, solution-oriented class and is appropriate for the new or advanced student.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Text: Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth

Principles of Successful Living

This course is designed to give the student a greater understanding of his or her place in the Spiritual System, and the part that consciousness plays in demonstrating greater good. On a very practical basis, this course offers the opportunity to set an intention for concrete demonstration of good, and to study the tools for achieving this demonstration. Emphasis is given to use of the Law of Mental Equivalents, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and the qualities of living a spiritual life. Worksheets and a fun “Oneness Game” make the course interactive and personally relevant.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Textbooks: The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This course is designed to present the key concepts of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and to provide tools to assist in understanding our true nature in relationship to these laws. Each class in the course curriculum begins with viewing a section of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success video showing Dr. Chopra presenting these laws to a live audience.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks Certification Hours: 24

Text: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra

Caminin önünde ve iki yanında geniş cami halısı dış avlusu olup bunun çevresi pencereli duvarlarla çevrilidir. Bu avulya 3 ü cephede olmak üzere, 8 kapıdan girilir. Şadırvan avlusu, 26 adet granit mermer ve porfir sütuna oturtulmuş, 30 kubbeyle çevrili geniş alandır. Mermer döşemeli bu geniş sahanın ortasında 6 mermer sütunlu şadırvan, sahanın azametini gösterir. Şadırvanın kemerleri, kabartma olarak Rumi geçmelerle ve köşebentleri, kabartma, lale ve karanfil motifleriyle bezelidir. İç avluya, biri cepheden ikisi yandan olmak üzere herbiri merdivenli 3 kapıdan girilmektedir.

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