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FEBRUARY – Seek the Common Good

Value: Oneness

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Oneness is a central idea in the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy. It sometimes seems hard to practice oneness in all things when there is so much “two-ness” going on around us – divides that are political, racial, gender, economic ad infinitum. When we honestly seek to filter our actions through the lens of seeking the common good, it gets easier to see the oneness that connects us to all things everywhere, and to become willing to act congruently with the idea that truly, there is no separation. There is no between except what we put there. I hope you’ll join us!

Here’s what’s coming up in February:

Book: Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World, by H.H. Dalai Lama

February 3 – Oneness

Guest Speaker, Rev. CC Coltrain

There is nothing in the universal order that denies the individual’s good, or self-expression, so long as such self-expression does not contradict the general good, does not contradict Goodness Itself.  There is nothing in the Universe that denies us the right to be happy, if our happiness does not deny or interfere with the general good.  The Universe remains unlimited, though the whole world has suffered a sense of limitation.  The Science of Mind

Rev. CC is the Provost of Center’s for Spiritual Living’s Ministry Education program and will speak to interested parties after service about the path to ministry.

February 10 – Recognizing Our Shared Humanity

“No one yet knows what might happen if a group of a thousand persons, gathered together for mutual benefit, should unitedly agree and without dissent or argument, fully accept simply and directly, that there is a Healing presence in the midst of them. “Let us form a united front, create a great pool of faith, and from the power generated through this collective thinking, broadcast the message to the whole world.” – E. Holmes

February 17 – Understanding Our Interdependence

People, things, institutions, methods, sciences, philosophies, all are good. From each I shall learn everything thing that I can, and with deep gratitude acknowledge the good I am receiving from whatever source, but I am still whole within myself, dependent upon nothing, and yet always interdependent with all things.  Ernest Holmes. Living the Science of Mind

February 24 – What is the Common Good?

The capacity to hold tensions creatively is the key to much that matters-from a life lived in love to a democracy worthy of the name to even the most modest movement toward peace between nations.  So those of us who care about such things must work to root out the seeds of violence in our culture, including its impatience and its incessant drive toward control.  And since culture is a human creation, whose deformations begin not “out there” but in our inner lives, we can transform our culture only as we are inwardly transformed.” Parker Palmer, The Politics of the Brokenhearted

Come join us! You’ll love the company. When you’re here, you’re home.

Blessings, Rev Molly

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